Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Downloadable PDF Pamphlet

Here is the link to download a PDF of the official Question Gravity pamphlet. It poses 15 questions that no gravitationalist can satisfactorily answer. It is a trifold, doublesided, pamphlet that can be printed anywhere. Yours for the choosing, no purchase necessary, it's our way of saying thank you for fighting the good fight.


Now Available in Spanish:


  1. On September 8th, 1968, Wright predicted; "The universe will accelerate and expand forever because gravity is a PUSH between bodies in space."

    Science News, March 1998, page 185; "Not only will the universe expand forever, it will do so at an ever increasing rate." (NOTE: 30 years later)

    You can't explain that Gravitationalists!

  2. Is there any other site I can download the PDF from? Scribd won't let me download unless I either upload a document of my own (which I have none), or pay them a monthly subscription fee.

  3. Umm ... It is NOT "free." Must be another Gravitationist plot to extract hard-earned cash from true believers.

  4. On the Arguments Against Gravity page, in the Clouds: section, there is a misspelling. Should be glass, not class.

    Sorry, didn't know how else to contact. Feel free to delete this post. Good luck, and this site is an awesome rebuttal!

  5. This is the most gloriously wonderful satire I've ever read. It truly sounded like arguments an ignorant creationist would make.