Arguments Against Gravity

Gravity is only a theory

Theory: a blind guess, assertion of truth, synonymous with hypothesis, a status deserving of no merit, lowest form of scientific inquiry, a statement that has never been proven

Examples of Theories: "Theory of Gravity," "Theory of Evolution," Cydonian Theory, Expanding Earth Theory, Hovind Theory

As we all know, gravity is only a theory. It has never been proven. Secular scientists line up on the crazy idea that objects fall to the ground for no reason all by themselves going from non-movement to movement.

The only time we ever see anything being moved, of course, is with a mover. Yet, many people believe that if you hold an object above the ground and let go of it, it simply moves toward the ground for no particular reason randomly. Scientists cannot explain this phenomenon so, like everything else they can't explain, they simply make up a "theory" and attribute it to that.

There is of course no evidence of gravity. All we see are things falling down. That can easily be explained by an intelligent mover moving these objects in a downward motion. Yet this is the exact "evidence" that scientists use to prove their "theory" of gravity.

Objections to Gravity

There are many objections to the theory of gravity that says, "objects fall to the ground for no apparent reason." Here are a few:

Balloons: How is it that balloons are able to defy this so-called law and rise up toward the heavens when this law clearly states that we should expect it to fall to the ground? That's the problem with the spread of this propaganda- there are many exceptions that are simply not accounted for. Gravity is untestable and whenever anyone finds something that would shoot a hole in this fallacious gravity pseudoscience, it is just swept under the run and forgotten.

Airplanes: Again, how are giant pieces of metal that weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 tons each able to stay in the air for so long without falling to the ground? Doesn't gravity supposedly work harder on heavier objects?

Clouds: Go outside with a glass of water and dump the water out. What happens? Of course, the water falls to the ground (don't worry about wasting water, the environment is fine). Go 10,000 feet in the air with a class of water and what happens? The water will float almost like magic. This is exactly what clouds are. Basically, clouds are oceans of water floating in the sky. How do so many tons of water defy gravity so much only to be released in small bursts called rain, which of course, can only be controlled by Jesus?

The Moon and Sun: As these objects revolve around the Earth, have you ever wondered why none of them fall down? Probably not because you have been blinded for so long by secular propaganda and were told not to question these things. Imagine how horrible it would be if the Sun or the Moon fell down to Earth? Entire countries would be destroyed! Thankfully, God is good, holy, righteous, and perfect that he wouldn't allow such atrocities to happen. In the creationist worldview, this makes sense. This does not make sense to people who believe in the myth of gravity.

These are just a few of many objections to gravitational dogma. More will be recorded in due time.